Our Services

Talent Acquisition

We manage the whole recruitment process for you, delivering outstanding people when you need them. We cover the whole market by looking after direct applicants, advertising responses and we proactively shortlist and headhunt every role. We carry out initial interviews so you get a shortlist of the very best, relevant and qualified people for each role.

Company Culture

Helping you create and implement a culture that will help you attract and hire the right people but also keep them happy and engaged.

Talent Planning

We help you create a Talent plan so you (and we) know who you need and when you will need them so we can build relationships and pipelines to deliver the people when the business needs it.

Recruitment Process

Building an efficient and unique recruitment process that allows you to identify and hire people that have the skills and cultural fit for your company. A recruitment process that can scale with you through your journey.


Some of our Clients

What our clients say

I’m appreciative of Andrew for getting in touch with me to suggest Genie would be a good fit for me. He’s a headhunter who seems to ‘get it’, and take the time to actually match his roles to the people he is proposing fill them.

For anyone looking for someone who cares about your business and how a potential new recruit will actually fit into the bigger picture – Andrew would be a good bet!

Joe Glover Marketing Manager at Genie Goals

We have worked with The Collective Agency for over 2 years to scale our team from 4 to 25.

Andrew and the team worked hard to understand our business needs and its culture, they then delivered relevant and brilliant people when we needed them to grow, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiters.

Ivan Skoric Founder at Schopp

The Collective Agency worked closely with us to establish our vision and help us create a culture in the business that matched our brand aspirations, this allowed us to profile the people we needed in the business to achieve our goals. The Collective Agency then delivered these people (and much more) when we needed them.

Michael Tomes Founder at Creativepool

We have worked with The Collective Agency since 2014 to help us fill specialist roles as we grow our team.

Andrew has taken great care to understand our business and culture and has listened to what we look for in prospective team members.

Andrew has repeatedly delivered great prospects which has led to a number of key hires for us. Andrew always seems to unearth candidates who are suitable and available, and therefore conversion rates are very high which is critical for our recruitment lifecycle.

I would recommend talking to The Collective Agency if you are looking to grow your team

Ciaron Dunne CEO at Genie Ventures